Publication Policy

Publication Policy

Authors are required to send their current titles, the institutions they work for, their communication addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, together with the article they want to be published, to the e-mail address of

Authors have to sign the Copyright Transfer Form, which includes copyright transfer and legal responsibility, and send it to the journal. The form can be accessed via

The opinions in the works published in the journal and the responsibility for these opinions belong to the author(s).

Fluent and understandable language should be used in the articles and scientific citation rules should be followed.

References must be included in the texts.

The upper limit of acceptable similarity rate is 20%.

The works and contents that are found to be illegal and/or inconsistent after publication are removed from the electronic publications of the journal. In the first ongoing periodic edition of the journal, the explanation of the reason for the cancellation is included.

All kinds of publication and publication rights of the articles accepted for publication belong to the Şura Akademi Journal.

Publication Period and Frequency

Şura Akademi Journal started its publication life in 2022 within the body of the Urban Policies and Research Center (ŞURA). Publication frequency is three issues per year.

Publication Language

Articles written in Turkish or English are accepted. Turkish articles, including abbreviations, should be written in accordance with the Turkish Language Association’s Spelling Guide.


No fee is charged at any stage, including manuscript submission, evaluation and publication. Authors whose articles are published are paid royalties within the framework of the “Regulation on Copyright and Processing Fees to be Paid by Public Institutions and Organizations”.