Publication Frequency

Publication Frequency

Şura Akademi Journal started its publication life in 2022. The journal is published three times a year on a regular basis.

Publication Language 

Şura Akademi Journal accepts articles in Turkish or English.


Şura Akademi journal does not charge any fees during the publishing process of the articles.


All studies accepted by the scientific board and editorial board of Şura Akademi Journal are controlled by plagiarism check programs. When plagiarism is detected in the studies, the editor of the journal has the authority to take the necessary sanctions. Fort his reason, the article can be rejected.


Any information shared by the authors during the registration and article submission period will be used exclusively for the purposes of the journal and will not be shared with third parties or institutions.


The articles sent to the Şura Akademi Journal must be original in a way that will bring a new dimension to the subject. The article should not have been published in any media before or sent to another journal at the same time. The responsibility of the published article belongs to the author. Articles are evaluated by the “blind referee” method.

Manuscripts submitted for opinion section are evaluated by the journal editors. If the editors deem necessary, they can take the evaluation of the relevant referees about the article and request necessary corrections from the authors or reject the article.

Open Access

Şura Akademi has adopted open access policy with its publication. Şura Akademi Journal can be used and shared with citation in the context of open access policy.