ISSN: 2791-8424

Şura Akademi Journal

Şura Akademi Journal is an international peer-reviewed periodical published quarterly by the Urban Policy and Research Center (ŞURA) of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality City History and Promotion Department. ISSN: 2791-8424 

Aims and Scope

Şura Akademi Journal aims to develop local government practices regarding urban life and public and private sector activities by supporting them with scientific and academic research from different disciplines. Original research, analysis, article, report, opinion, etc., which reveal the foresight and knowledge for the solutions of urban problems and raising the quality of life standards. includes written and visual content. With its open communication and easy access feature, it contributes to the historical, cultural, political, social and economic transformation and development of our cities from the perspective of Kocaeli. It is a responsible public publication for the realization of promising sustainable urban development practices by compiling and publishing the collective mind ideas and analyzes of the boards and social stakeholders operating under the coordination of the Urban Policies and Research Center.