Transportation Applications in Smart Cities-Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ayhan KÜÇÜKMANİSA-Doç. Dr. Ali Can KARACA

30 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

We are in a special time when more than half of the world’s population lives in cities with the increasing human population. Population growth in cities creates some problems such as transportation, energy, security and food consumption. Increasing the welfare level of city residents by solving these problems with modern technologies forms the basis of smart city applications. In this article, a review study was prepared on the solutions of different transportation problems in smart cities by using the latest technology…

Data Driven City Management: Real-Time Bus Bunching Prevention andOperation Support System for Bus Lines-Doç. Dr. Mehmet GÖKTÜRK-Bekir ÖZYURT

30 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

…In this study, the design and work done to reduce the density caused by the use of stops by more than one line in the urban bus operation, to eliminate the road congestion and traffic caused by the crowding of
the buses to the stop, and to prevent the passengers from running back and forth are examined. In the study, a system design based on scientific foundations, taking into account the perceptual characteristics of the driver and operator, providing voyage regulation for continuous awareness and long-term planning, eliminating the stop crowd, and creating situational awareness was created…

Metaphors of the Students in the Faculty of Sport Sciences on the Conceptsof “Smart City” and “Accessibility”-Prof. Dr. Elif KARAGÜN-Doç. Dr. Sevinç NAMLI

30 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

The aim of this study is to determine the views of the students studying at the faculty of sports sciences on the concepts of “smart city” and “accessibility” through metaphor. The research is in the qualitative survey model and its application was carried out in the fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year at Erzurum Technical University Faculty of Sport Sciences. For this purpose, 119 students, who were randomly selected from Erzurum Technical University Faculty of Sport Sciences, participated in the study in accordance with the principle of volunteerism…

Disaster Risk Reduction Practices in Smart Cities-Prof. Dr. Şerif BARIŞ-Doç. Dr. Abdullah Can ZÜLFİKAR-Mustafa KORKMAZ-Süleyman TUNÇ

24 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

…In this study, the concept of a Smart City and its use in local governments will be explained. Some sample smart city applications will be included in Disaster Risk Reduction. It is thought that the study will be beneficial in terms of developing similar practices in local administrations. Examples of some good meteorological early warning systems and earthquake and tsunami early warning systems, which have been established especially to reduce the disaster risk of a very dense population, are given…

Technology Trends in Building a Data-Driven Smart City-Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan URHAN-Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kemal GÜLLÜ

24 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

In this study, the concept of smart city, whose applications have been increasing day by day in the last 20 years with the developing technology, has been assessed in a comprehensive way. In this framework, starting from the definition of smart city, the need for this scope has been examined. Technologies that can be used for this purpose and their possible usage scenarios are discussed. Finally, by evaluating smart city applications in our country and abroad, suggestions have been made for data-based city management and increasing the efficiency of these applications.

Smart Environment Applications in Cities-Prof. Dr. Nihal BEKTAŞ-Doç. Dr. Mehmet ÇETİN

20 March 2023 Şura Akademi Dergisi 0

The concept of smart city can be defined as the integrated management of social, environmental and economic elements of local governments using information technologies. Smart cities, which emerged as a solution to the sustainability problems arising from rapid urbanization, are important tools that enable the efficient use of environmental resources, which are largely a common property. In this study, the importance of geographic information system applications, which provide the spatial analysis functions required for urban design and geographical data about cities, in smart city planning has been examined…